Symonds MRE (2019) Handbook of the Mammals of the World. Volume 8: Insectivores, Sloths and Colugos. Don E. Wilson and Russell A. Mittermeier (Eds.) [book review] Quarterly Review of Biology 94: 429-430 PDF

What’s the paper about?

A book review of an enormous hernia-inducing volume.

What’s the story behind it?

Back in the day I did my PhD on insectivore life histories, which resulted in some of my earliest papers (for example this one). I’ve not really returned to that well, but in my comparative work I have continued to use huge volumes like this one to obtain information and data. So I felt that I had a good idea of what makes a good handbook like this (though whether the term ‘handbook’ can really apply to a book that ways something like 2kg, is debatable – try lifting this book with one hand and you’ll never play the violin again). Anyway, this was an easy review to write as the book itself is amazing. If you are a QI elf, then look no further than here for lots of weird and wonderful facts about these mammals.


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