(Most members of) The lab in 2016: (left to right) Matt Symonds, Gabby Pavlovic, Lisa Hodgkin, Udayangani Mawalagedera, Melissa Griffin

Capo di Tutti Capi

Dr Matthew Symonds (on left in above picture)

PhD Students

Udayangani Mawalagedera

Melissa Griffin

Tamara Johnson (University of Melbourne)

Honours Students

Gabby Pavlovic



PhD graduates

Dr Lisa Hodgkin (PhD-University of Melbourne)


Masters and Honours graduates

I-Ping Chen (Master of Philosophy – University of Melbourne 2011)

Daniel Campbell-Tennant (Honours 2012)

Brett Shiel (Honours 2012)

Aimee Barling (Honours 2013-2014)

Laura Cheah (Honours 2013-2014)

Rebecca Readhead (Honours 2013-2014)

Julia Ryeland (Honours 2013-2014)

Alison Orchard (Honours 2014-2015)

Hannah Verhellen (Honours 2014-2015)

Kita Ashman (Honours 2015)

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