The dangers of not updating your group website for a while is that you accumulate new papers which probably should merit individual news items. But in the last few months we’ve had not one, not two, not 26, but seven new papers (well eight, if you include a book review). The papers cover beetles, moths, butterflies, birds and koalas – a positive menagerie.

These are:

  • The second paper to derive from Melissa’s PhD, looking at the effect of sex ratio and environment on female allocation to harems in bark beetles.
  • A big analysis of the effects of climate change on Australian bird body size, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B
  • A paper by former honours student Sam’s investigating trade-offs between antennal size and testis size in moth species
  • An analysis of larval and adult colouration patterns in Lepidoptera, in collaboration with Iliana Medina at University of Melbourne, and published in Evolution Letters
  • On a not dissimilar theme (conceptually), one of the output’s of Matt’s sabbatical in Nottingham, a paper outlining the links between plumage colouration and sperm morphology in birds, with my lovely Nottinghamian colleagues, Kate Durrant and Tom Reader, to be published in Biology Letters
  • Research into the effects of drones on birds, to be published in Journal of Applied Ecology
  • A paper by former honours student Kita on the effects of plantations on koala abundance.

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