Since last I updated the news we have had four new papers come out from the group: a bonanza indeed! Click on the links below to find out more…

The first is the a paper in Journal of Ornithology which represents April’s first paper, and the publication of her Honours project looking at the relationship between alert and escape distances in shorebirds and their use of resting postures. Well done April.

The second is a review of the role of fungal spores in contributing to asthma in International Journal of Molecular Sciences which Matt was involved in as co-supervisor to Kira Hughes, a PhD student at Deakin.

The third was a response, led by Sara, to our article in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, which addressed issue to do with considering body size when changes in body shape are considered.

Finally, and not least, was a paper with Sri Lankan collaborators (and Matt, Alex and Mike Weston) looking at predictors of escape responses in the bird fauna on that island, published in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology.


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