Ryeland J, Weston MA & Symonds MRE (2019) Leg length and temperature determine the use of unipedal roosting in birds. Journal of Avian Biology 2019: e02008

What’s it about? You mean you can’t work it out from the title? Ah well. We look at the idiosyncratic behaviour of standing on one leg in birds – using observations from 9 species of shorebird across a range of temperatures in the wild (well, in so far as the Western Treatment Plant for Melbourne can be considered the wild). We found that generally bird stand on one leg more when it’s colder, and that species with longer legs use the behaviour more. These suggest that standing on one leg is, in part, a heat conservation behaviour, and that it’s use is in part predicted by bird morphology

What’s the story behind it? Julia was my and Mike Weston’s former honours student who seems to have produced enough data from her honours to have almost filled an entire PhD. This is her third paper (following on from others in Functional Ecology and Wader Study). Probably not the last. She’s a gun (not literally).


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