I would like to say I’m working in this building, but at least I get to walk by it in the University of Nottingham grounds

I (Matt) am away on four months of Academic Study Leave in the UK at the moment. After arriving in the UK, I went to the International Society for Behavioural Ecology conference in Exeter where I presented the results of Julia and Gabby’s work on the evolution of behavioural thermoregulation in birds in relation to bill size – to enormous acclaim*. After a short break I’m now working in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Nottingham, with Dr Tom Reader (who is somewhat more affable than the moody shot on his personal website suggests) and Dr Kate Durrant on comparative analyses addressing hoverfly mimicry and bird sperm morphology (not the same project obviously). I’m also generally reacquainting myself with the city where I grew up and the things I have missed about living in the UK (great country pubs and terrible internet).

* i.e. people were complimentary about it at the poster session


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